CKEditor Samples List for ASP — CKEditor Sample


The ckeditor.asp file provides a wrapper to ease the work of creating CKEditor instances from classic Asp.

To use it, you must first include it into your page: <!-- #INCLUDE file="../../ckeditor.asp" --> Of course, you should adjust the path to make it point to the correct location, and maybe use a full path (with virtual="" instead of file="")

After that script is included, you can use it in different ways, based on the following pattern:

  1. Create an instance of the CKEditor class:
    dim editor
    set editor = New CKEditor
  2. Set the path to the folder where CKEditor has been installed, by default it will use /ckeditor/
    editor.basePath = "../../"
  3. Now use one of the three main methods to create the CKEditor instances:

Before step 3 you can use a number of methods and properties to adjust the behavior of this class and the CKEditor instances that will be created:

Basic Samples

Advanced Samples